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How To Choose A Home Projector?

Sep. 21, 2018

How to choose a Home Theater Projector Mini? What issues should I pay attention to when purchasing? Which aspects should I consider? Waiting for a few question marks has been plaguing consumers. Unlike business projections, the first thing to consider when purchasing a home projector is not the brightness problem. Most of the meetings are held during the day, so you need to focus on the brightness when choosing a business projection, and the family watching will usually be at night. Progression, so brightness is not the most important factor.

When purchasing, we should consider the size of the projection environment in the home. For example, a small living room or bedroom with a small area should choose a short-throw projector with a smaller projection size, so that a larger screen can be projected in a smaller space without worrying about the dwelling. The room cannot be used. Then there is the demand for image quality. The higher the resolution of the screen is, the higher the details can be seen, but the acceptable quality of each person is different. This factor varies from person to person.

Regarding the factors of automatic calibration and focusing when purchasing the Mini Portable Projector, this is different from person to person, but I personally feel that the home projector has the best automatic correction and auto focus and focus adjustment. After all, the manual adjustment process is too much. It is cumbersome. For some people who have no patience, the process of correction and adjustment is simply torture, but some people like to adjust manually. They may enjoy the process of doing their own hands.

Nowadays, the home projector has a sufficiently intelligent system, which can not only automatically correct some home projectors, but also support 4D keystone correction, and can realize voice control, making the viewing operation simple and convenient, and very convenient.

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