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Talking About Display Technology And Light Source Technology In Projection Industry

Sep. 30, 2018

The development of laser projection is still a new technology. This new technology has brought a historic turning point to the entire projection industry. After the initial exploration of laser technology, laser projection technology has entered the development stage. Through the continuous attack on laser technology, the advantage of laser is better in the projection. Laser projection products have become the main force in the current projection industry.

First, display technology

1.DLP display technology

DLP is the abbreviation of “Digital Light Processing”, which is digital light processing. This technology first processes the image signal digitally and then projects the image through light.

This technology uses a key component developed by TI, the digital micromirror component, which is the DMD (Digital Micromirror Device) chip.

After the DMD chip is coordinated with the digital video or image signal, the light source, and the projection lens, the microscope can project the full digital image onto a screen or other surface to complete the entire projection process.

2. LCoS technology

LCoS technology is a technology that combines semiconductor and liquid crystal display. The micro-circuit controls the voltage to make the liquid crystal twist, and the liquid crystal controls the polarized light to switch the light to realize the display image.

Second, the light source technology

When the image is converted to a digital signal, we also need a light source to project it, which requires the use of light source technology. At present, there are two major light source technologies, LED light source and laser light source, among which LED light source technology is most commonly used.

1.LED light source

LEDs, also known as light-emitting diodes, are solid-state semiconductor devices that directly convert electrical energy into visible light. It has the advantages of easy control, rich color and long life, and is very mature in terms of cost, industrialization, safety and industrial chain.

2. Laser source

The laser light source enters the projection industry, and its advantages such as high brightness, long service life and wide color gamut allow the projection market to expand rapidly. In addition, it is gradually optimized in terms of details, such as eye protection and humanization, to enhance the user experience. It can be said that the market potential of laser projection is huge and the future is expected.

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