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What Are The Common Problems and Precautions for Tablets?

Dec. 12, 2018

Regarding the precautions for the use of tablets which from the 11.6 Inch Windows Tablet Factory, I think there should not be a lot of things that are generally noticed, and many people do not know about this. Then, what are the general considerations for tablet PCs in daily use? For a tablet which maybe from the 15.6" Notebook Manufacturer, you only need to pay attention to 5 points. Also on the collection of answers to some of the common problems in tablet usage.

11.6 Inch Windows Tablet Factory

1. General maintenance of the capacitive screen

1. Capacitive screens should generally be film-coated, and the film should be attached (double-layer film) to meet ESD standards.

2. The capacitor screen is cleaned regularly, and the liquid crystal cleaning solution for the computer is used (you cannot use alcohol or furniture cleaning liquid).

3. Do not use nails or capacitive pens during use, generally light touch, no heavy pressure.

4. Minimize contact after bathing, because the bioelectricity is low at this time, it is difficult to sense, and you can avoid misjudging the screen damage due to this phenomenon.

5. Try not to touch the four corners of the screen, because there are electrode sensing ICs at the four corners, which are hard areas, which often cause damage to the sensing line.

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