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Buy A Projector or Buy A TV? Which is Better?

Dec. 17, 2018

Which is better for projectors from the Pocket Projector Manufacturers and TVs? I believe this is a question that many small partners who want to buy display devices have had. Even in the current information age, big-screen entertainment facilities are inseparable from home life. Which is better for projectors and TVs?

First, the size

When buying a TV, the size of the room depends mainly on the size of the room. If the size is not calculated properly, the TV will also hurt the eyes of the consumer. The projector such as YG200 projector has no size constraints, and the closer it is to the screen, the smaller the projection size, the farther away from the screen, and the larger the projection size.

YG200 projector

Second, the damage to the eyes

Many TV sets are now "LED backlights", which use light sources to directly stimulate the human eye, as if they are directly illuminating the human eye with direct light; while the projector is illuminated by LEDs and then projected onto the wall or It is diffuse reflection on the curtain. For example, it is like watching a painting in a museum. The damage to the human eye is very small.

Third, decoration wiring

The wiring of TV sets is more complicated in home appliances. It is necessary to consider not only the installation location, the connection with the box, the wireless device, etc., but also the reserved position of the power supply to ensure the beauty of the living room. In contrast, projectors now have a lot of projections that can only be projected. Just connect the wireless and power cables, you can enjoy the audio-visual experience of the large screen, less wiring troubles, and make the decoration easier.

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