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How Big is The Room to Use The Projector?

Dec. 22, 2018

Generally, look at the projector such as Pico DLP Pocket Portable Projector, you bought yourself. If you buy it online, you should ask the customer service in advance. Does the projector you buy change the size according to the size of the space. Like my nut G7, it will depend on the environment. The adjustment, just at the right size, and without the right wall, can be calibrated within 45 degrees of four angles, so there is no room width, no matter the size.

The sound effect of the projector such as Iphone Android Micro HDMI Projector is certainly an ear feast compared to the mobile phone or computer. When I bought this one, I would like to introduce any symmetrical sound design, blabla various high-tech vocabulary, or I experienced it myself. I will feel it.

Pico DLP Pocket Portable Projector