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SMARTCN LIMITED Specialized in Smart DLP Mini Pico Projector! Presentations (and More) in your pocket.

1. What We Can Do For You?

SMARTCN LIMITED offers a range of product customization options for our customers. Product customization enables our pico projectors to deliver the exact message your organization wants to send and can make the perfect corporate gift or digital message delivery device. Not only will a customized pico projector put you at the top of list of organizations to remember, our pico projectors can accompany your sales team to close those deals.Nothing makes a better presentation than a pico projector that is fully customized with your logo print,User Manual, Accessory,Package Design,Customized Splash Screen,Projector Custom Coloring,interface port,Function,Product Appearance

2. What is Mini DLP Projector?

DLP: digital light processing

Uses tiny mirrors (shown at right) to reflect light toward the screen (an "on" pixel) or away (an "off" pixel). Most models use a color wheel literally a spinning wheel with color filters -- to create sequential color. Some high-end models use three DLP chips; one each for red, green, and blue. DLP projectors range in price from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands, and more. Most projectors in movie theaters use DLP.You can find models from Optoma, BenQ, Mitsubishi, and many others.

A sealed imaging chip. Most DLP projectors have a sealed DLP chip that eliminates the possibility of dust particles falling on the imaging plane, which creates a dust point on the projected image. LCD projectors have no sealed panels, so there is a possibility of producing dust. This is especially easy when the air filter is not regularly cleaned up using the manual.


  1. (1) Mini size,portable.handhold (lots of projector are mini szie)

  2. (2) Brightness:50Ansi lumens-- 1100ansi lumens,1100ansi lumens is the best in the market.

  3. (3) Many are 120-300USD( 50-100ansi lumens),On the market

  4. (4) Projection distance and image depends on projector,i00inch,200inch,250inch,300inch,350inch woulld be ok.

  5. (5) Projection image more clear,high resolution more clear.

3. The Advantages Of The Mini Projector

(1) Mini size,you can take it to anywhere and anytime,You can put it in your pocket,it's very suit for salesman use,best presentation tool to show or recommend your products.Whether it's for a business trip ,a light,compact and capable portable projector makes a good travel companion. 

(2) It's a good home theater,famliy fun,you can enjoy movie with your families and your friends.you can projection it whatever you want,like living room,party,bedroom more and more.

(3) Mini DLP Projector has good lamp Life,It's up to 20,000-30,000hours.,You don't need worries theirs replacement costs.

(4) Eye comfort: One of the biggest advantages of having your own DLP projectors is that it is easier on your eyes. Why? This is simple because a big screen is more relaxing to watch because a larger percentage of your eye's visual field is filled with what you are viewing, as long as its resolution is high, there is less overall brightness.

(5) It's a good tool for kids' education,preschool education for children,you can use it teach your kids at home,show the knowledge on the projector to projection.

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