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Accessories----Good Companion For Smart Android Device/Apple Device

Smartcn Limited also provide all kinds of Accessories for mini projector and tablet pc,like Projection Screen,Projector Tripod, 

Bluetooth Speaker, Power Bank, 3D Glasses, Tablet pc keyboard and cover.

Accessories makes you have a more vivd entertainment every moment.

(1) Projection Screen


     Varies from Simple Foldable Screen, Mini Table Screen, Eletric Screen, to Tirpod Screen.

     You can choose the most suitable one according to your need. Projection Screen is a good tool, no matter you are for business, for education or for entertainment.

     It is the perfect companion for share a  big screen. With it, you can enjoy presenation anywhere, anytime.

(2) Projector Tripod 

     It is a tiny accessoreies, you can use it to adjust the perfect viewing for big vivid screen with ease.

     Different Projector Tripod are available, you can choose the best ones for your projector persentaion.

     Just take it to make your projection life more happiness.

(3) Tablets Keyboard

    It includes Bluetooth Keyboard and Docking Keyboard.

    With it, you can use your Tablet PC as a mini laptop, and you can type quicker than usual.

(4) Others

    Others such as Solar Power Bank and 3D Glasses.Solar Power Bank can provide long life battery supply, so it is a good friends for smartphone, tablet pc, or mini projector.

    3D Glasses give you a more clear and real visual perception. With it, you can enjoy more vivid 3D movie everytime.



Smartcn----Mutiple Smart Accessories For Choices